Monday, 21 September 2015


Day 98 - Photograph a House Number

A different kind of photo today!

After weeks of light and shadow and texture and patterns etc, we have something different.

Now as a paper girl, I see lots of different house numbers. There is an endless variety. But unfortunately, I am looking at them in the dark, and I am sure people don't want me lighting up their front yards with my strobes at 3am!

So instead, I went out locally and made some photos of neighbours house numbers. In fact, here in NZ we don't tend to put our numbers on the house, more so on our letter boxes. So really, I made a photo of a house number that was not on a house!

My assistant came out with me today, and I handed him the camera, (set up to my custom settings) and let him take a photo. We previewed it in camera, I suggest he move closer to his subject, and he made another photo.

The first image is mine, the second is his. Both have had my usual processing applied in post, with the addition of a clarity filter at the end of PP.

125 at f3.0, ISO 64, WB custom, spot metering.  Both were shot under the same parameters.

So today, I give you House Number(s).

Until tomorrow, when we will be making a photo of a flower (yay!).


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