Sunday, 13 September 2015


Day 89 - Photograph texture

I went to the beach today. Lat in the day.

I have learned how to set custom white balance, something that I do before each set of shots with the infrared camera. So I have decided to do it with all my shots.

So I am out with the loaner No:1 camera (yes my number one camera is in for repairs and it could be a while), and I take a shot, and realise I should reset the white balance, see what a difference it makes.

So I reset the white balance for the ocean view, across the sand to Tuhua (Mayor) - our Island off the coast (East). All good. I peel off a few shots, reset white balance to take some portrait shots of the other half - practice makes perfect :) . Then reset again to take shots facing NNW.

When I come home and upload the images, I note in ACR that the east facing shots WB was actually 9100 Kelvin! Now normal daylight, which is what I usually shoot, is around 5500K.

So tonight, I give you texture, shot at a custom WB of 9100K:

I have to admit, I LOVE the colour of this!

Until tomorrow

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