Sunday, 13 September 2015


Day 90 - Photograph a Circle

The photo idea for today is a chandelier. So I looked at my light fittings. Funtional, classic, but not what one would call elegant exactly. Plenty of circles but . . .. .

So I think about circles in nature - nature doesn't really do stuff in circles, more in spirals. The ends may circle around to the beginning again, but in nature the ends never meet. Something only ever happens once. Everything is unique, and a one off. That is one of the facinating things about photography. You can photograph the same thing every day, but it never looks quite the same.

I guess that is why Monet painted the same scene over and over and over again. He wanted to express that scene in it's many variations, it's many moods, it's many nuances.

It might be an interesting project once this one is complete in another 255 days - photograph the same thing every day for a month. Different times of the day, different lighting, maybe even different places. Definately something to think about.  30 ways to photograph a . . . .

Anyway - I digress. Today is about circles.

I went looking for circular things, and came across Himself sorting through a jar of bits. There were several circular things amoungst the bits, so I compiled some together and made myself a photograph.

So today, I give you a circle:

Until tomorrow

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