Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Day 92 - Photograph Texture

I remember as a child, laying in the dandelions on the lawn, looking up at the shapes of clouds. I think I used to spend hours watching clouds, and seeing things in their shapes. Clouds have always interested me. Their shapes, colour, form and texture. So much variety.

You know, it gets more difficult to think of something interesting to say as these themes repeat.

So instead, I shall just talk about how I made the image.

Firstly, I shot this with my D810, with the Tokina 90mm 2.8 lens at 1/2000 sec, f2.8 and ISO 64.

White Balance was set by pointing the lens at what I was making a photo of, and depressing the WB button (I have my WB set to PRE). This allowed me to set the WB to the frame.

I then ensured that my exposure meter was reading correctly, focussed, and depressed the shutter.

Now I always shoot in manual mode, with quality set to RAW. Why?

Manual mode allows me complete control over the creative process, I can create the image exactly how I see it. RAW allows me to adjust the image in post processing (the digital darkroom) to express the creative vision I had when I took the image.

Post processing - I use PS6, and with this image, I have created two curve adjustment layers, blending one as multiply and the other as soft light. Then stamp visible, and a light unsharp mask faded to luminosity, then a light gausian blur faded to colour. This gives the image a wee bit more sharpness. Then I have added my copyright, reduced the image size for the web, and saved it as a JPEG. This is pretty much my standard process.

So has this image been photoshopped? No - it has been processed with photoshop, but no 'photoshopping' has been done on it, only what we would do in a chemical darkroom.

So today, I give you Texture:

I hope you enjoy the image, and that you can join me again tomorrow.
Please comment and add your images to the comment section below.

Until tomorrow

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