Saturday, 5 September 2015


Day 82 - Photograph texture.

Infra-red is a spectrum of non-visible light. Most modern cameras are insensitive to IR - the manufacturers make them that way, as IR focuses differently, and throws our photos into blur mode. So if you want to take IR photos, then you either need an older camera with a partially sensitive sensor, or an old film camera with IR film (you can still buy this!).

I bought myself an older camera that was sensitive to IR, and have played with it a bit, but found it limiting as the minimum exposure was 1 second. That is a long time to hold your camera still, so you can really only take images of landscapes from a tripod. I wanted to take portraits. So I bought a dedicated IR camera, and it arrived today.

I had so much fun today with the IR camera. Testing it out, seeing what it could do. Running it through its paces you might say.

While I await the return of my primary camera from the repairers (it had a faulty 'main board'), I shall experiment with IR, so I really get to know my way around the camera.

I love the magical qualities of IR. :)

So today, I give you texture - in Infra-red.

Until tomorrow

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