Saturday, 19 September 2015


Day 96 - Photograph Light and Shadow

Today we went to Tauranga. We incorporated getting some supplies for a new born shoot I have coming up, with picking up our son who was returning from camp. (To see the newborn stuff go check out my fb page at .)

So we are standing there chatting to my son and his companion, finding out about the exciting things they have been up to over the weekend, and I suddenly notice something of interest. Light and Shadow!

I excuse myself, and start to frame the image, finding the perfect composition in camera. I had the D200IR in my hands, with the Tokina 90mm 2.8 lens.

Shot at ISO 100, 1/160sec at f8, with custom WB and exposure bias of +0.33, using spot metering.

Now I wonder if the image may have been better if I had changed my metering to matrix for this image.

So today, I give you Light and Shadow - in infrared.

Until tomorrow, when we look at texture,

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