Thursday, 24 September 2015


Day 100 - Photograph a decorative object

Firstly, I want to say - WOW I made it to day 100! I am nearly one third of the way through this challenge. Yes, there have been a couple of days I have been unable to take a photo due to health issues, but I have caught up again by doubling up another day.

100 days of photographing something every day.

I initially started this challenge thinking it would be a fantastic way to get to know my new camera. Little did I know what way my life would take me.

Today I have been processing some of the images that I took yesterday. It is a great learning process. In post, I learn what I need to do better behind the camera. I love photography - there is always something new to learn!

So, back to today's challenge, a decorative object. I  finally decided on something that I think is beautiful, but unfortunately broken again.

D810 with Tamron 90mm 2.8 at f8 and 1/60 sec; ISO 1000, spot metering, custom WB.

And here it is:

Until tomorrow, when we photograph a circle

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