Thursday, 17 September 2015


Day 93 - Photograph Patterns

Today, I forgot to set my WB, so I had to alter it in PS6. No worries, a reset to K6050 had it looking how remember it. The wonderful thing about RAW is that if you get the WB wrong in camera, you can always correct it later. Of course, I prefer to get it right in camera, but sometimes we stuff up ;).

Nikon D810 with Tokina 90mm at f8.0 and 1/125, ISO 64, matrix metering. I normally use spot metering, so that what I am focusing on, which is usually the 'ballerina' in my composition, is metered for rather then the whole frame. In this case, the whole frame was the ballerina, so I used matrix metering.

PP? Just the usual process, same as yesterday, but an extra curves layer which was used to lighten the image a little. I prefer to use curves over exposure adjustments, just because I do.

So today, I give you patterns:

Until tomorrow, when we have texture again

ps - please feel free to add your own take on the theme of the day to the comments below. :)

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