Monday, 14 September 2015


Day 91 - Photograph Patterns


I took the D810 loaner out for a walk today, looking for patterns.

It is an interesting thing when you have your mind focused on an idea, a theme, a subject. Once you focus on something - you see it all around you.

Patterns patterns everywhere, but what will make a good photograph?

Several years ago, we bought ourselves a Dr Zeus Tree. It is a member of the Aloe family, and is intriguing in its difference from other similar looking plants like the Draceanas. The Dr Zeus Aloe Tree has spikey, cactus like leaves, much like its close cousin the Aloe Vera. Only the Dr Zeus tree doesn't have nice juicy leaves, they are thinner, more like the Dragon trees.

Fascinating plants they are. I love the pattern the old cut leaves create on the trunk, reminiscent of Washington Palms.

From now on I will include in my blog the EXIF data from the photo, for your learning pleasure.

For this photo, I squatted down to get on the level with the trunks,  turned the camera into the portrait position and composed the three trunks into the shot. I wanted the foremost trunk to be in focus.

90mm Tokina 2.8 at f3.1, shutter 1/60 sec, ISO 64, spot metering with custom white balance.

So today, I give you Patterns:

Please feel free to comment, give feedback below.

Until tomorrow, when we will be looking for Texture

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