Sunday, 27 September 2015


Day 102 - Photograph Texture

Another day of texture. Wow.

You know - I so love the drama that is created with IR photos. My D200IR is such a joy to me. I have been trialling an old Helinon 135mm 2.8 lens on it. Of course, with the crop factor, it is more like a 200mm lens, and it's age means closest focus is around 1.2m.

Because we cannot see IR light, focus is a bit of a problem. IR light does not focus on the same plane as visible light, it focus's either just behind or just in front of visible light - I am not sure which. So I have been experimenting to see where focus lies for each of my lenses. When the Helinon comes through, it comes through with flying colours.

To demonstrate, I give you texture:

Exif: 1/60sec f2.8, ISO 100

Until next time

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