Friday, 18 September 2015


Day 95 - Illustrate a Haiku

A Haiku - a verse consisting of three lines, the first line of which has seven syllables, the second has five, and the third has seven again. A Haiku normally does not rhyme.

What to write a Haiku about, and how to illustrate it?

Well, when Himself came home from work today, he said, "Let's go for a sail".

"Let's go out to the boat and take her for a bit of a buzz", I replied. "There might not be enough wind".

So, we drank our hot drinks and headed out.

Once there, we were underway incredibly quickly, considering it has been a few months since we took the lovely lady out, we just seemed to fall into the rhythm. Before long we were on our way, the sails were up, and she was vibrating beneath us, responding to the breeze.

That is what I love about sailing, feeling the yacht respond to the breeze, holding that power in your hands, working with that power, and creating momentum from it. The glorious feeling of being under way without the sound or smell of engines.


So I decided to write a Haiku about my lovely yacht.

So today, I give you - Illustrate a Haiku.

Again, please comment and reply with your own interpretation of the theme for the day.

Until tomorrow when we look at Light and Shadow

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