Friday, 18 September 2015


Day 94 - Photograph Texture

Exif data for today.

D810 with Tamron 90mm 2.8 at f3.2 1/60sec
ISO 64
WB - custom set.
My usual post processing as per day 92 with the addition of a blue filter to reduce brightness of yellow/green cast in image.

I actually went out to take a picture of Tuhua covered in cloud. It looks like an  active volcano when the cloud just hovers about the summit. But then, while talking to a neighbour, I spotted this beauty.

It reminded me of my post the other day when I wrote about circles and spirals.

The koru that this image shows always exemplifies for me the cycle of life. How we go around and around, but never are quite in the same position as last time.

Anyway, enough preamble - today, I give you texture:

Please fell free to comment and add your own interpretation of todays theme below.

Until tomorrow, when we will be exploring "Illustrate a Haiku"


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