Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Day 71 - Photograph patterns

This is actually the post for two days ago. I fell over on Monday night, and damaged my ankle. I have, for that reason, been unable to follow through. So I will try and catch up over the next few days.


I have been spending a lot of time lying down with my ankle elevated, in the hope of a quicker recovery. The older I get, the longer it seems to take to recover from an injury. Partly, I think, because I have already injured everything before, so now it is injury upon injury. Partially also because things just take longer when you are older and busier . . .

One could say that injury itself is a pattern - but to photograph that would require a chronological photo essay. That is not what I have here.

Instead, I give you a pattern from the room in which I have been spending far too much time the last 3 days:

Until later

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