Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Day 65 - Photograph texture

Texture - always looks so much more 'texturish' on a bright day. Diffused light really doesn't seem to do much for texture.

After all, you can see loads of texture on the face of a beautiful young woman if you position her correctly (or incorrectly!) in harsh, direct, full sun light. Harsh light lends itself so nicely to texture.

On the other hand, diffused light, beautiful light - when that big light in the sky is diffused by a huge soft box called complete cloud cover, hides texture, smoothing out all those pores and lumps and bumps and wrinkles we just don't want to see! Beautiful light is better than makeup or photoshop!

So, to photograph texture on an overcast, rainy day (we seem to be getting a lot of that lately) can provide a challenge or two.

So, today, I give you - Texture:

I had you fooled didn't I - you thought I was going to give you a portrait . . . well - it kinda is - but of oldhami, not a beautiful woman - I would never do that to anyone!

Until tomorrow

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