Saturday, 22 August 2015


Day 68 - Photograph an ornamental object

I had to think about this one. Not really one for ornaments much - I used to have plenty, but now tend to hang stuff on the walls to ornament the place.

Still, my Mum is a ceramic artist, so there is a bit of funtional ornamental stuff about the house.

So, I went in pursuit of an ornament to photograph.

This was fun. The sky was a giant softbox, but even with the blinds full up, I had to go to ISO Hi1 in order to get enough light on the sensor. Ok - plan 2. Play with the flash.

So I set up the flash, and realised I needed a fill or bounce. I tried a bounce - na, not enough. So I got my very very old Canon flash, attached it to a slave, and had it slave off my Nissin, which was receiving from the transmitter atop the camera.

A little trial and error later, I came up with this:

An Ornamental object:

That was fun.

Until tomorrow

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