Saturday, 26 July 2014

26th July 2014

What did I learn today?

Apart from the reading I am doing - and I will share that with you another time - I am bookmarking and watching videos of professional Photograpers.

Today was Joe DiMaggio, "Original and Simple; Seven Essential Secrets to Outstanding Photography".

I have been having trouble with my quick release plate since my son used it to record him gaming. The plate just does not grab the camera anymore - I think the blutac has given up.

You use blutac for everything. Don't you? I use it to hold open my aperture when I reverse my lens. I use it to hold the camera tight to the plate. (But it is not working now). You just never know when you might need a wee bit of blutac, so I have some on my tripod, and some on my camera. My daughter thinks it looks disgusting . . .

Joe states that he uses that non slip stuff - you know - the stuff with the holes in it that you put in your drawers so that your glasses don't slide about. Or on the shelves on the yacht, so that stuff stays in place when you lean. I have even seen some people with it on their dashboard in the car.

Anyway. Joe puts this stuff between the plate and the camera, between the plate and the tripod. Wherever it is needed.

So today - two tips. Blutac and non slip stuff.

Watch the vid - Joe is very entertaining.

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